By dogwithnobrain

Crash through the surface, where they can't hurt

Tis been a funny couple of days. 

Remember two days ago - when I had Boy tie my shoelaces?   Well, that ache that caused me to ask for help got worse.   It got so bad that I yelped from my bed to the toilet, from standing to sitting, to standing back up again. 

I needed help to get out of bed yesterday ( i joked about running around the house nekkid)....  and getting downstairs was an issue, as was getting back up.  I found some old anti-inflammatories and was delighted when after 40 minutes I started to feel a lessening of the pain. 

Doped up all day I was beginning to look for stairlifts and mobility scooters... I could see no way out of this.    I got into bed very gingerly at bedtime, and howled and clung to the wall as I went to the toilet. 

Then, I woke up this morning, and I walked to the toilet.  No searing pain.   I was quietly happy.   I've been anxiously waiting for the pain to return, but touch wood nothing yet. 

I felt so much better that around 1130 himself and I clambered upon our bikes and went for a cycle. Himself got a new bike a couple of days ago.

We cycled along the bike path for 2 miles, and then veered off onto the local path and headed for the beach.   We stopped for coffee and a people watch, and then started back - 3.5 miles back. 

We stopped at a crossing, to let a car pass, and pedestrians cross on the give way - and set off and Si hit the ground. 

I stood unbelieving what I was seeing.  The two ladies who were crossing ran to help him.   I looked at the bike and could see that the handlebars had loosened and turned right round - he had been cycling forward and the handlebars had done a 90degree turn. 

We picked him up and realized the bike was not for cycling without a screwdriver.  So I set off for home as fast as I could to collect the car and go back and get him.   I hit speeds of 17 mph (for about 3 seconds going down a hill) , but it was still bloody impressive considering I had been unable to walk yesterday. 

I picked him up, and brought him home, and ripped his trousers off.  - They had a hole in the knee and there was blood seeping through.  He had taken most of the skin off his knee in two lumps. 

I'm glad he is a first aider and could look after himself.  It was making me quite boaky. 

So now we are sitting; me in wonder that I am able to walk again, and thoughts of stairlifts and mobility scooters gone, and he with aching knee and very bruised arm and ego. 

We really shouldn't be allowed out by ourselves. 

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