By dogwithnobrain

What a beautiful Day Way Hay

It turned out lovely today. 

It was a bit breezy. 

Both of us were a bit sore so we took it easy. 

I pottered around the garden.   Planting seedlings, and moving plugs. 

I'm hopeful for multiple flowers this year. I want a garden full of colour and scent. 

I also sprayed Cosmo Cottage with Black Sealant; instead of the white Sealant which  I thought I had bought.  I'm glad I was watching what I was doing and only did one spot at the back of the shed, which I hope will be easily rectified. 

if the wind had not been so strong, I would have stayed out all day pottering, but the wind was whisky and sent shivers down your spine. 

Early evening, the wind was at the bottom of the garden, and our little suntrap was gloriously warm - warm enough to sit with a glass of Pinot, and enjoy the last bit of a very calm day. 

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