While on my runs

By waipushrink

It's been a long day

This morning what began as a free and comfortable drive south to the city abruptly changed when an electronic sign informed us that the time to the city centre (from there) was more than five times longer than the time at off-peak periods. A quick consultation with S and I decided to leave the motorway on an alternative route. While the trip ended up being longer than usual it was not as bad as if we'd stayed on the motorway. The collision that caused the delay did not seriously hurt any persons.

Without the registrars (Thursday is their teaching day) there was not enough time to do everything. That meant that I concentrated on the things that had to be done today; particularly the Mental Health Act matters. Got all the essential jobs done. 

S picked me up and we went to meet the daughters and grandsons for a meal so that we could miss the terrible traffic heading north. Hadn't factored in the rain. One hour to do a trip that normally would have been 20 minutes. Nice "KiwItalian" food (their word) and a very pleasant Primitivo.

Then drove back in the dark, and  I am now posting this photo taken in the restaurant "Goode Brothers"

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