By ninniex

When life gives you lemons............ with them!

Slices of lemons on a light table (iPad app) and fartnarkled in Topaz. 
I'm adding another because I really couldn't choose which to blip. He reckons this one - I think I prefer the blue. More abstract? Don't know....

We went to see Miss E swim in her school carnival this morning. She surprised us with a third in freestyle and a first in breaststroke! So happy for her. It's a very low key carnival as they don't have trials or anything, the teachers just put the kids in whatever race they think they can cope with. Unfortunately her best stroke is backstroke and she wasn't selected for that. Go figure......hey ho, she will be happy with two ribbons from two races :-)))

A happy and safe Easter break to those of you who do

Thanks to Ingeborg for continuing to host AT 

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