By MarilynParker

Today's walk

Pussy willow up at The Dream where I walked this morning. It was a funny walk! I hadn't been going long when a chap started chatting to me as I was passing him. He told me a long story about the problem with his bike gears and so I was there a while since he was having a rest. Eventually carried on but had not been continuing long when I hear a lady's voice shouting  and I looked up to see a lady running down a hill path waving at me and asking for help as she was lost and could not find her way off the site!
I said there were several ways but it was hard for me to explain any of them but I could show here and she asked if she could walk with me so I had company for the rest of my walk as I led her (a fairly long way) back to wheere she had parked off the site in a side street. On the way she said she was convinced we were meant to meet! It turned out her car was parked a few yeards from mine. She was so grateful to me for helping her she said she'd light a candle in church for me . I really didn't do anything special at all but I did change my route and curtail my walk to help her - I was happy to do this for her as she was panicking - she said she'd been trying to find the way back to her car for a while and feared she'd end up in Manchester!
I enjoyed the chat so it was worth a shorter walk than I had planned. 
You never know how a day will turn out.
Yesterday it was 22.4°C in the shade in our back garden and today when I went out, the car temperature gauge read 8°C.
It did warm up later, reaching a bit over 11°C in our back garden this afternoon.
Wintry showers are forecast for Easter Monday!
I've had 2 fairly lazy afternoons due to sunshine (I have to take care re the sun as I've had melanoma) but today it was simply because I find it hard to put the book down that I'm reading.
Hip still variable re pain but a little better than it was.
Feeling hopedul the improvement continues, especially as the musculo-skeletal referral has only resulted in a telephone call appointment for April 14th.

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