Day one of my challenge smashed

Slept reasonably well despite waking up convinced that my arm was aching - it wasn’t! I seem to have escaped the vaccine side effects - keeping my fingers crossed it remains that way.

Took the puppy with me on a long walk this morning to start off my virtual challenge in aid of Cash for kids to help disadvantaged kids in Edinburgh, the Lothian’s, Fife and Falkirk. He coped pretty well but slept for a long time this afternoon . We did 8.94k. Quick trip to the supermarket this afternoon before taking the puppy out fir a quick trot round the stream. He met his doggy pal Ramos and I had a nice chat with his owners whilst the dogs played for 40 minutes. I’ve now swapped numbers with Paz (lovely Spanish lady from Leon) so we can arrange some actual doggy play dates.

My challenge is to walk 20000 steps a day, you can see in the extras that I’ve exceeded that somewhat.
Barbecue ribs and baked potato for dinner before chatting to our son and his girlfriend.

Miss PHL has had her results from the blood tests. The Dr is reasonably sure that she is coeliac but needs one more blood test to confirm. She’s been referred to the gastrointestinal specialist as will need a biopsy. She’s fairly relaxed about the diagnosis but has spent much of the day asking if she can continue to eat her favourite foods. Lots of research needed I think.

If you’re inclined to donate to my charity challenge, the link is
Thank you

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