By Pinkhairedlady

Sign of the times

I know we’ve seen this sign many times over the last 12 months but today I blipped it’s in the vaccination centre! Very painless from start to finish and touch wood I’m not suffering any side effects. Lovely young army medic administered the jab and had a good line in chat to put people at their ease. Mr PHL drove me to the centre so I was allowed to leave straightaway.

It’s been a day of two halves temperature wise as I had to take my jacket off as I was too hot this morning and got wet and frozen this afternoon.

I’ve signed up today for the virtual Kiltwalk challenge which is taking place over the weekend of 23-25 April. The Kiltwalk is backed by Sir Tom Hunter who has been generously topping up donations received by each participant by at least 50%. I like this method of fundraising as you can choose your charity so many smaller charities are able to benefit. In previous years you don your tartan item(s) and walk a predetermined distance - typically 6.5 miles, 13 miles and 24 miles. However as the challenge is virtual I thought I’d pledge to walk a fixed number of steps every day in April. As I hit my bus pass birthday at the end of Ape, I’ve pledged 20000 steps a day making 600000 steps in total. Mr PHL has expressed some doubts but hopefully I will manage it - after all what is a retiree to do with their day?
If you’re so inclined, I’d appreciate any small donation you’d like to make. I’ve chosen the Cash for Kids in my local area as my charity as I think they do a tremendous job of supporting the disadvantaged kids in my area.

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