The old slipway at North Kessock, Beauly Firth, and some extra overnight snow on the distant background hills.

Wore a watch on my wrist today, for about the first time in twenty years. Didn't want to be late and risk missing my mid-morning appointment. It has been a seemingly long wait. Arrived in North Kessock a good half an hour before the appointment. Had set off early in case there were any transport issues - punctures etc. None, so spare time to do some Blip hunting.

After snapping the above, it was off to the village hall, lock up the bicycle, and head inside, out of the cold wind. Thought there was a big queue, but it turned out they were all waiting the required fifteen minutes before departing. So it was near enough straight in for the AstraZeneca vaccination. Friendly blether with the Doctor and assistant, short wait before checking I wasn't leaking at the puncture site, and then outside where I complied with the request to wait those fifteen minutes before pedalling off along the narrow coast road to Milton of Redcastle. A few pauses for photos along the way, then head inland and uphill before turning towards home, with the now strong tailwind making it an easy and speedy return.

It was seven hours later that side effects became apparent. Feeling cold and shivery, but not cold to touch. It wasn't bad, but with the clocks going forward by an hour overnight, decide to head-off to bed early. Had none of the headache issues of others, possibly because of making a point to be very well hydrated before going to the appointment, and keeping that way after returning.

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