twinned with trumpton


Alex was despatched to school; there was no answer from Her up the road so I pottered off to Leith; cereal was purchased; trolleys photographed and back at 1030 to speak to the solicitor. Then She worked out how to charge Her phone and we agreed to meet at the solicitor's office once I'd dropped off paperwork.

We proceeded along Princes St; grabbed a coffee and then headed to Hers; then out to W Hailes. She was meeting a friend in need (separated from partner; in need of moral support). I found yet more trolley action and headed for home via Lidl. 

Alex was collected; dinner was served and the silence from W Hailes was deafening. As night fell, inevitably She called to say She was cycling home; clearly in no state to do so.

In the 10 minutes I was on the phone to Her she came off twice; once a driver stopped to ask if She needed help. Eventually Her head hit the ground and it seemed to knock some sense into Her; she chained the bike up at Longstone and allowed a taxi to be called..... Without doubt the most horrific 15 minutes in many a long year. I know the expression about watching a car crash; but try listening to one and then trying to piece together what's happening from the yelps and rustles and clanks..... She's home and bloodied and bruised; hopefully nothing more than that.....

And thanks for the love on the sunrise one; much appreciated.

Oh Lidl, how I've missed you; neglected you...

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