Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Dreich day. NE wind blowing cold air and heavy rain in from the North Sea for much of it, and last night. The above view to the West over the Beauly Firth, was from the Kessock Bridge, with a still strong and gusting wind, and it was after the rain had mostly eased. Taken on the cycle home.

The Lecturers were mostly on strike today, and such was the dire weather, I checked on-line to see if the rest of us should be working from home... a vain hope of not having to travel through that weather. The Kessock Bridge was the worst bit, with the cold rain stinging one side of my face like hailstones, and the top my (mostly bald these days) head being painfully chilled by the Baltic breeze through my helmet. Add in the gusting wind, which made keeping in a straight-ish line along the narrow walk/cycleway a challenge... horrible day. Good to reach work intact, and then warm-up and dry-off.

There was playing with recording some video takes for one of the regular demonstrations, plus a few photos. YouTube research on three software applications to deal with it all - capturing, editing, and sound (OSB, Shotcut, and Audacity). Have never wanted to be a videographer, but such are the times. Hey-ho, here we go.

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