tempus fugit

By ceridwen

The White Goods' Grave

A trip to the tip.
 Wales is currently ranked the third best nation in the world  at recycling.  But how much better it would be if there were less appetite  for replacing  domestic appliances, and if domestic appliances kept going for years as they surely used to. (My first washing machine lasted 25 years.) 

I did however come away with a load of old carpet to suppress weeds in the garden. The operatives used to be happy for people to take away stuff in return for a gratuity until CCTV was installed. Today the guy looked mock-shocked at my request but then grinned and said 'Just don't bring it back muddy!'

I noticed a tiny fumitory plant that had managed to establish itself in a crack and even produce  a single flower spike. Life carries on in the dead zone. (Extra)

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