Sahara dust

Ian was none too impressed as he only washed the car the day before!  We saw the longest queue ever for the car wash at Tesco as we passed, plus loads of soapy drives as everyone got busy.

Ian and I had a nice walk with some lovely views and fabulous trees (extra). Then after a bit of crochet time for me we headed into Exeter for Leo’s first goalie session back since the latest lockdown. He really enjoyed it and it will have done him the power of good before Saturday’s match. That was a lovely sunny first training session. Looks like we will have sun for the first match too.

Leo’s legs won’t know what has hit them. He has played footie in one form or another for the last 7 days.  That beats his PlayStation thumb activity during lockdown.  He even joined us for a bit of TV during the day as he said he was bored of the PlayStation! I couldn’t persuade him out for a walk but at least that was better than him in his bedroom!

Think I’ll get the rebounder back out in the garden and once he has recovered from the match I will see if I can persuade him out for a bit of fun.  We had a lot of laughs with it last summer - not to mention a good workout.

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