Back to it

It was back to Soccer Saturday for us. The Devon Youth League have voided the competitive season but are encouraging teams to play out the remainder of their games as friendlies. So we took on Culm Sampford for the first match back and it ended up with a 6-6 result, so plenty to entertain us!  

After such a lovely warm Friday, it was absolutely freezing on the touchline. The sun stubbornly refused to put in an appearance until the match ended.

The lads all enjoyed the game so I think they are really glad to be back at it. It was strange seeing them all after an absence of about a year. Some have really transformed and no longer look like boys but are towering over us and looking like young men all of a sudden. We had a good laugh when they got new kit for this season as it looked like it drowned them, but now that looked like an inspired choice!

After that, it was a day of more footie (on the tv) and crochet for me and car washing for Ian.  Leo joined us for a bit to watch some Death in Paradise as he loves that series. We are all caught up now on the latest series so I will have to find something else to tempt him from his room

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