The Personal High-Tech Mini Chalet of the Future

Dear friends, I have finally found it: the chalet of my dreams! It's the most modern, amazing, high-tech, eco-friendly dwelling; and so cost-effective, with zero emissions. I think soon everyone will want one.

Well yes, it is rather small. It's compact and cheap to heat. You can't tell from here, but inside, there are buttons to push that will close all of those windows in mere seconds. There are also buttons for heat, and air conditioning, and shade screens. Can you believe there's a mini oven/rotisserie/microwave too? And a sink and shower and running water and all of the personal amenities?

It doubles as a transport, as well. The little chalet is sitting on a platform, but it is powered by the most modern of replaceable fuel cells. In an instant, if I push a button, it rises up silently, and hovers, and travels as far and as fast as I want, without even touching the ground. Heck, there's even a button to transport me into SPACE!!! (We'd want to close the windows for that, of course.)

Was it cold and brisk and windy outside on this morning? Why yes, it definitely was. Even with a trace of snow, if you can believe it! But inside my personal chalet, I can make it warm in an instant, and we can have hot cocoa with those tiny marshmallows and wear our bunny slippers while we cuddle up in blankies and get all cozy. Don't you wish you had one too?

And now a note from the "for reals" department: My husband and I went hiking locally and found some new wetlands, the Julian Wetlands, not far from another wetland we enjoy hiking in. This is one of the little mini duck blinds, and that's me standing in it, waving. It is NOT actually a high-tech mini futuristic personal chalet. But don't you wish it WAS!????

The soundtrack song is this one: David Bowie, with Space Odyssey.

P.S. We also found a new local sub shop, Hall's, on Beaver Road, along the way to Black Moshannon. They have stated hours (Tues. through Sat., 11:30 to 8) but they also keep hoagies available in a fridge on the front porch for additional hours, with all veggies individually wrapped, and you can pay on the honor system. They take cash, but not credit cards. There's a photo of one of the two American hoagies my husband and I bought, and split, in the extras.

P.P.S. Happy birthday in Heaven to our beloved Dexter.

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