Dexter on His 12th Birthday

In early April of 2008, my oldest sister Barb sent me an email. One of her favorite kitties, JR, was delivering her babies. The next day, I got a note saying three baby boy kitties (forever known after that as the Itty Bitty City Kitty Gang) had been born, and all three had beautiful white paws. Oh, and did anybody need a kitty?

So it was that my sweet tabby boy Dexter came into this world, along with his two beautiful brothers Skeeter and Humphrey Bogart, aka Bogie. I have visited the other two boys as much as I could - until my friend Celia took Skeeter to North Carolina, where they reside to this day. Bogie lives with two of my sister's dearest friends, in Harrisburg; and he is the biggest of the three brothers.

My oldest sister Barb, who is one of my angels in Heaven now, gave me so many gifts in her lifetime, but I have always said that this was the very best gift right here: this kitty whom we adore, and who loves us back, and who MIGHT just be a little bit spoiled. (Oh no, say it isn't so!) So happy birthday to Dexter and Skeeter and Bogie, and a Well Done to their sweet Mama, JR. (Links to pics below.)

Here's the tune: the Beatles, with Happy Birthday.

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