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By Squatbetty

Autism Awareness #2

The first thing I was asked when I went for my autism diagnosis was why I was there. I said truthfully that it was because I'd felt like an alien my entire life. I'd never seemed to fit in, especially with other girls/women my age. I'd see other people socialising and it was like watching a wildlife documentary on telly! Like they were a different species to me. I quite often misinterpret what people are saying or take what is said literally. I have a very good sense of humour (I think!) and love watching sitcoms and comedies and yet ironically I dread it in the real world when someone tells a joke because I know it may be the middle of the night when I finally understand the punchline. I find eye contact quite difficult and uncomfortable so often end up eye-balling people as I attempt to maintain 'normal' eye-contact. In fact, I'm usually concentrating so hard on making appropriate eye-contact that I'm actually not listening to a single word the person is saying hehe. And don't get me started on small talk... oof! ;-)

Anyway... I come in peace :-)

Thanks for all the positive comments on yesterday's blip. Wasn't sure whether to do it but glad I did xx

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