LD 377 A different waterfall

I have blipped - several times - the little waterfall behind my study that , when it rains heavily, thunders down and fills to overflowing the stream that is the boundary of our garden.   

But this waterfall is further up the hill, and just beyond it lies the intake where the water from our house used to enter the system.   An older pipe still lies across it, as the picture shows.   

The rock face is much wider here, suggesting that the stream was probably much fuller at one time.  The rock is also very fractured all around it which may be the effect of ice over the years.   

My first extra photo shows the view the other way, down the burn through woodland to the study and the house whilst the the second  is of the old birch wood in which the stream and waterfalls are set.  

This type of woodland  can be found all along the easterly hillside that flanks the road from  Colintraive to and through Glendaruel  (that is where it has not been subsumed by commercial forestry plantations) and is a wonderful sight at any time of the year.   Shortly we will hear the first cuckoos in it, a sound that has been a feature of this place for over a thousand years, as "Deirdrie's Farewell to Alba' testifies ( a fact that I explored in a paper to a Geopoetics conference some time ago) .

More mundanely I was up here on Easter morning in order to put a filter on the inflow which still feeds the pond - an old milk bottle with holes jabbed in it does the job and stops the pipe getting clogged with debris.  

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