LD 378 The McKirdy Memorial

I did stay local - very - as this is in Cointraive but as Cathleen and I had to go to the shore to get some seaweed for the garden we stopped off to see something we hadn't visited before.

This is the McKirdy Memorial which sits on the shore just as you enter the village, though it is hidden by the trees and rhododendrons and  faces towards the water.   There is a set of steps and a rough path down to it just along from a large lay-by.   The information on the Imperial War Museum database of war memorials appears accurate  but for the location, which places it too close to the ferry terminal.  

It was erected by a local family in memory of two brothers who were killed in 1915 at Gallipoli within weeks of each other - one in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and one in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve.  

it is made of rough stone and features not just the names and plaques but also what was once a drinking fountain.   Some time ago the cup became detached but was fortunately found close by and has been put back on the chain that held it.   The water does not presently flow but the location is spectacular as my extra photo shows. 

I have also included pictures of two of the three plaques - the third, in granite not bronze,  has the names of what I assume were the last members of the family living locally, with dates that go to the the 1990s. 

(I was reminded when writing this up of another  local First World War memorial that I blipped some time ago - the one to Harry Lauder at Glenbranter .)  

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