By Rosemarie55

Dancing Queen!

 3°C  -  27 mph NNW Wind Speed  -  42 mph Gusts  -  Cloudy with Sunny Intervals.  More gales  -  and Haar (mist) blown in from the sea.  Had Golden Oldies (Channel 8 on Freeview TV) as background music all day hoping they might play Dancing Queen from Abba since it is Agnetha’s (the blonde one) 71st birthday today.  Abba’s song Dancing Queen was always my favourite song.  Golden Oldies hasn’t played Dancing Queen yet but there’s always a CD hidden away in some cupboard, or You Tube☺ These daffodils are the same group that I blipped yesterday, and I managed a shot during a few moments of sun  -  waving about wildly in the wind just reminded me of Dancing Queen. Here it is on YT if you'd like to listen Dancing Queen.  We had a smattering of snow at 4.30 pm  -  nothing lieing though!

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