Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

See you in …

A tradition built up over the years which saw me joining Carl and his mum for lunch on Easter Sunday (20182019). She died last October, but we were anxious to maintain the tradition this year in memory of her. So I made my way over to Carl's place this afternoon. He'd organised click-and-collect with Bresson restaurant in Monkstown and we picked up our order there at 1:30. I waited in the car, right outside 8A, another restaurant along the same strip, which is where I spotted this message on a blackboard outside. It's good to see a touch of humour, no matter how bad times are (and 8A looked especially sad today).

Our Bresson meal was really, really good, even if a bit pricey. Dessert was the highlight, but everything was impressive. We raised a glass or two to Caroline's memory and were sure she would have enjoyed the food as much as we did.

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