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By dublinshooter

Another one bites the dust

Following my mission to be treated in as many Dublin hospitals as possible, today I add the Bon Secours to my list. Just a quick in-and-out for a gastroscopy, but because 'normal' procedures are pushed back because of the pandemic I opted to go private to speed things up. Ouch! That will be €810 thank you very much!! Going private only serves to reinforce my usual belief that the public health service is remarkable once you're in the system — at least when Covid-19 isn't in the mix. In more normal times (like when I had one done a few years ago) a gastroscopy would be free of charge. I wonder when things will get back to normal. Ages, probably, since waiting lists are soooooo long now. Today's consultant has referred me for a CT scan and did it through Beaumont to get me back public. He's happy to have the scan done within 6-8 weeks and has asked Beaumont to consider it 'urgent'.

Anyway … I was very impressed with 'The Bons'. It exudes an atmosphere of friendly efficiency, and this friendliness extends to the staff, all of whom were a pleasure to meet. (Mind you, the way a poster was hung in the waiting area (Extra 1) didn't inspire too much confidence.) The procedure was more difficult than the last time. The consultant wants to do another one depending on the results of the scan. If that happens I'll definitely opt for anaesthetic rather than just the numbing spray.

I was in and out in less than an hour (so, about €50 per minute). The weather was pleasant, and it was good to relax in the grassy area outside (Extra 2). Back home I fed myself, retired back to bed, and resumed my normal routine later in the evening. It was when I was closing the window and switching on the table lamp that I noticed a nice interplay between natural and artificial light which merited having the camera pointed at it (Extra 3).

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