April showers

Mad March winds and April showers ...
We've had it all today - an icy howling gale with sunshine and showers of rain, sleet, snow and hail in no particular order! This was the scene in the 'yard this morning when I went out to the workshop to speak with MrM.

So it was no hardship to stay indoors! MrM mixed a 'natural cleaner' (that's where the olive oil has gone...) with which to remove some ingrained dirt from someone's ancient mandolin. It worked surprisingly well, so he also tried it on our kitchen table, made of oak, possible recycled floorboards. It looked much better afterwards, so he suggested I clean it a second time, and then oil it. Having done that the table is looking good, but is now unexpectedly out of use for a couple of days until the second coat of oil is dry.

Spent the afternoon pretending to be a domestic Goddess by spring cleaning the living room. At the same time re-acquainted myself with 'Under One Sky', a collaborative musical piece by John McCusker. Brought back happy memories of a trip down to London almost 12 years ago, when Lucy was at Uni. there, and working part time at Queen Elizabeth Hall. She had 'inside knowledge' of future events, and phoned one evening to say that I had to go down for the concert because she knew I would love it. I did, and she was right!

Dinner in front of the TV this evening as there was no table to sit at. MrM pointed out after the event that we're so unused to TV dinners that we forgot to switch on the TV!

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