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By Sallymair

Good to go.

Ali and I went into town today to pick up their marriage schedule, essential for the wedding on Saturday. While waiting for her, I wandered down Johnston Terrace and looked up at the castle esplanade. I rather liked the little tower but I had to wonder who had gone to the trouble of planting that little clump of daffodils, it's a particularly inaccessible spot.
Back home, I waited for Eilidh to come for the afternoon. We played Guess Who? and a game from my childhood called Flying Hats. She won, absolutely wiped the floor with me.
I however made extremely tasty peanut butter cookies!
As a special treat at tea time we went round to A and S's to pile their ex-hedge into the two cars and drive it to a friend who was going to compost it. Unfortunately they live in Joppa so it was a drive right across Edinburgh at 5.30. Just as well there's a Pandemic on, it took under half an hour, remarkable. We decided to treat ourselves to a fish supper tonight as a reward for all of our hard work.
Virgin Internet was really playing up for us this evening so we ended up watching an old episode of QI which had us both in fits of laughter at times.
Apropos of nothing, I've decided that next year I need to position my tulips in places in the garden where they get some sun, they are taking forever to open!
Keep safe and well everybody

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