By mollyblobs

Easter Sunday

A dazzling and frosty start to the day - walking round Thorpe Wood for my second bird transect of the year. Lots of birds singing, including a handful of Blackcaps, which have recently arrived in number and lots of birds showing signs of nesting activity, including the Jackdaws who were taking twigs and leaves into one of the old Oak trees. It was so lovely in the wood that I walked round twice more before returning home for a late breakfast, admiring the light shining through the delicate unfurling leaves of Hazel (see extra) and Cherry.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sunshine in the garden, which had encouraged more bees out of hibernation, including a good number of Tawny Mining-bees. My image shows the male who is smaller and more understated than the female, who wears a furry coat of deep orange. Between the pottering, I prepared an Easter meal of Lamb Kleftiko, Aubergine Bake and Greek Salad, followed by Lemon Meringue Pie, Rather strangely, Sarah had never eaten this dessert before, but fortunately she loved it!

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