Abstract Thursday

A morning of paperwork, and study. Which took me up to lunch time.

After lunch decided to go over to Instow, as I had an idea of what I wanted to do for today's Blip. And if I left it until later in the afternoon I would catch high tide. As it happens I wasn't pleased with the results. So I am going with a double exposure of the wonderful display of Spring flowers that Instow have on the top road. A mixture of daffodils, fritillaries, primroses, and the odd dandelion.

The extra show a quiet beach, and a busy Hockings ice cream van. And yes I resisted the temptation, and did not indulge, well not today ;-))

Camera Club tonight with the return visit of Ashley Franklin, whom we had earlier in our Winter programme to talk to us, and was so entertaining, he was invited back for part 2 . Looking forward to it. 

So off to organise dinner, and will catch up with you all later :-)

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