By strawhouse


When I was on my way to meet mum at the garden centre on Friday the estate agent called to say that the buyer had paid so we were completing that day. The problem, she said, was that they wouldn't be able to transfer the deposit to the solicitor in time. They hadn't known he was going to pay apparently and thought it would be "some time next week." 
Despite the  Notice to Complete expiring on Monday which would have meant the buyer would lose his deposit. When did they think he was going to pay?????? God, they're incompetent!!!!! 
I said that after the difficulties I had last time getting my deposit back I would absolutely not complete without the deposit being paid to the solicitor.
The solicitor called a little while later to say that because the buyer had paid she needed to redeem the mortgage by 3pm - as per Nat West's terms and conditions - or else we'd have to return the money to the buyer and then we'd be in breach of contract because the Notice to Complete expires on Monday. 
She suggested I get the estate agent to confirm in writing that they'd pay the deposit to me - the only actual equity we're getting because we accepted such a low price :-(  
She said she'd spoken to them herself and they'd assured her the money would be transferred to me by 3pm on Tuesday.
So I emailed Mrs C and said I would only go ahead with completion on that basis. She confirmed it in writing so I told the solicitor to go ahead.
My mortgage was paid off on Friday afternoon and now we just have to wait for the deposit money. Naturally there's some confusion about the actual amount - because they're useless and incompetent - but we're getting there.
I was quite surprised to see on RightMove that the buyer has already listed it for sale. It looks pretty shit! Apart from new windows and doors he appears to have filled it with building materials and completely trashed it. And then listed it in that state!!
He must really need his money back.

All my Spring bulbs are still in pots on the table. I need to get them planted before Summer!

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