... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Garden: "Oh, Ida..."

Less "show ready" in large
Koi extras: Carrying Koi, Hydrotherapy practitioner, and Retrieving Koi

So Ida has been tunnelling... Ida is meant to be all white (cf.); we sometimes think that she might get to looking so messy just because the mud shows up on her more obviously, but none of the others have ever achieved this sort of caking!
We let them all out in the middle of the day, and Koi came out on her own limpy legs which was quite a relief! She seems much better today, and much happier moving around even if she's still very lame. She got tired out trying to keep up with the others, so Im "flew" her over to the water trough for her hydrotherapy session, and retrieved her (to save her from her usual clumsy exit) afterwards, as shown in my extras.

Others here (or right from Koi in the water)

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