... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Indoor Blip: Improving or Declining?

StudioArtier in large

Koi seemed very lame (/averse to standing) first thing which was discouraging, but she seemed significantly better after her hydrotherapy session in the middle of the day! She'd been reluctant to move in the morning, but after 15 minutes paddling around and washing, she waddle-limped around the lawn and didn't even need help getting back into the run when we put them all away. Phew.
I just photographed the cut flowers at home as they're fading and this particular bunch don't look like they're going to get much more appealing with age. I used a variety of approaches (both global and local) in StudioArtist to yield this printed/painted look.

Others here (or right from Chrysanthemum core)

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