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By ajt


Last night my wife found a house for sale that may suit her mother. It's not perfect and it's over budget, but it does otherwise tick a lot of boxes, so today before the lock down clamped down she drove up to visit the house. They walked round to the house - it's less than half a kilometre a way, and it went well. The vendors don't want to sell it to someone who is just going to turn it into an Airbnb or second home, and so my mother-in-law wanting to live their full time is a good thing.

Today's stamp is an 11p version of the 1977 Silver Jubilee set, I've photographed the 8.5p version before in 2012, but I picked a pound coin for the day, so it never made it here as a blip. All I remember from 1977 was everything was painted silver and we were given some ugly mugs at primary school.

Last day of work before Easter today.

NOTE: This is a back blip, so I can say my mother-in-law like the house enough to put in an offer, and it's been accepted, so the wheels are now in motion. 

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