By TMac


One of my favourite words.

It had been all round crappy day really.
I hadn't been outside and I really wanted to be on the water.
Instead, I had phone calls and admin, and a Zoom meeting.

Just as the sun was setting, the house phone rang.
It rarely rings.
When it does, it's usually a spam call or a wrong number.
It was my art teacher from the mid-80s.
We've kept in touch.
He's very dear to me. As is his wife, who was the school librarian back then.
He and his wife put me on speakerphone as they excitedly told me about their new house.
90 minutes later, I felt a whole lot better.
We spoke about serendipity at one point; how things just happen, and how that can be very fortuitous.
I truly felt their call tonight was very serendipitous indeed.

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