What I've Done

By JohnGravett

Ashness Bridge (and Ashness viewpoint)

As this is the last day before overnight stays are allowed I took the opportunity to pop up to Ashness bridge to get a photo before there are too many people sitting on it. To get this shot, which was a 2 1/2 minute exposure took a certain amount of patience (and about a half-hour wait) as all modern cars have driving lights - which would record on the photo - I had to wait for a time without stationary tourists or cars. I was still pleased with the result, which needed a 0.9 grad filter to retain detail in the foreground rocks which were in the shade, a 10 stop (big stopper) filter to give the long exposure, and a polarising filter to take the reflection off the foreground water and give it some colour.

The extra shows the view from the edge of the viewpoint at the rear of the car park, shot with the 14mm lens to give strong perspective, but to enable me to include the whole tree in the photo.

Both of course look best large on black!

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