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By ajt

New old door (outside)

More demolition today and some more work on the outside of the door.

Originally this was a stone lintel and jamb arrangement with a door into a yard between the house (left) and the garden (right). When the house was extended over the yard, this door was bricked up with concrete blocks and then the whole lot was rendered to create an ugly rectangle in the wall. Last week the masons took all the concrete away, and inserted a temporary (and very draughty) door in the space. As you can see from this exterior picture they have inserted a modern prestressed concrete lintel to hold up the outer section of masonry. The original stone lintel is still there, and on the inside there is another prestressed concrete one.

Eventually we'll have a proper bespoke wooden door and frame inserted into the stonework, a new jamb and head made up on both side, and on the inside the insulation put back along with the air-tightness.

To the right of this out of shot, they haven take out another tonne of stone and rubble to put the letter box through the wall, so we can have post properly delivered. At the moment there is our old letterbox in a temporary fitting resting there. It's all very Heath-Robinson....!

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