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By ajt


This morning the roofer arrived and start the process of removing the slates from the roof of the old extension

In the UK, slates are attached with a clout nail through a holes towards the top of the slate to the batten. With the typical British method the slates are held tight and can't move, but if the nail corrodes or the slate breaks at the hole you can't really fix the slates easily as they are so tight.

In France they hang on a metal "S" shaped hook from their bottom to the batten. The slate hook in France is visible (it's ugly) and it's exposed to the weather so they do corrode your slates fall. On the upside all you need to do it slip the new slate in place and hang it back on it's hook!

The roofer made light work of removing all the slates as you can see from the extras, and then the zinc roof. The demolition work continues apace!

These are the slates all pilled up with lichen and rust marks, I think they make a good abstract.

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