Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

Tiny, tiny strawberry plants. They weren't easy to take a photo off! I don't know how many I shot before I at least had a semi good one. I thought I'd attempt the Tiny Tuesday challenge, since it is 'Things that make you happy' theme. :)

I've made a lot of progress on one of the lap books today. The one for my cousin. I've made several pockets, one fabric one that will be sewn on a paper pocket, that is sewn on a larger pocket, on top of an even larger pocket. The last pocket has a spine, so it will turn over and there are...more pockets... and even more pockets beneath the pocket with a spine. So, there will be a lot of places to put things. :) I have another pocket that will be sewn and have a closure. This is just the one page... I have three more to fill with pockets, envelops and coin pockets... But, it's so much fun when the process starts for real and things (pockets... ;) ) gets assembled. I will blip it when finished, so you'll see what I mean. :)

And a thanks to the host of the Tiny Tuesday challenge! :)

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