A Day of Two Lenses

An exciting start to the day with the early delivery of my new Lensbaby Velvet 56 - this will take a bit of getting used to as it has different expectations and results to a normal macro lens.  There is a fine line between out of focus and soft focus which, I feel, is in the intentions which must be obvious to the viewer.

Last night I was eyeing up the Olympus 8mm Fish eye - through a link to a talk by Gavin Hoey on wide angle and fish eye (that man has a lot to answer for).  I already have a great wide angle (the pano 8-18 which can take filters on the front).  A CC friend was asking me about fish eye as she was deciding between the options.  I was entranced by the 8mm capability especially as there is software in my camera which can turn all jpeg files into wide angle. Magic!  So said friend also has a lot to answer for as I ended up (after a bit of dithering) ordering that lens too.  No more lenses for a while!!!  There can, though, never be enough lenses!

A sunny spring day today, albeit a frosty start, which lifts the spirits.

I took the camera down to the local church to use my Samyang 7.5mmm and see if that was good enough  - it wasn't as it meant a great deal of time in photoshop to sort it out (extra).  And then managed a few blossom pics with the Lensbaby velvet.

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