Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

Meal out .... out

A better day than yesterday at work .... but still full on. Not enough hours in my day to do everything, particularly as on holiday now until Monday (don’t you find you cram so much in before going away ..... then have mountains of emails on return!). :)

When the releasing of lockdown arrangements had been announced, we decided - “its April, it’ll be nice, let’s book to go out to dinner”. That was 3 weeks ago, the thought of being able to go out for a meal was enticing. Well the weather was not quite what we thought it would be .... cold brrr. We had chosen a pub with a covered outdoor area ...... although booked a table it was first come, first serve in that area. So we were seated in the “garden” tables area, very open. Fortunately we had blankets in the car - I sat on one and the other over my knees! Nice meal and time out :)


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