By OlyShipp

Our news / Unsere Nachrichten

I grew up reading (and sometimes delivering) the Oldham Evening Chronicle, before moving on to enjoy the Edinburgh Evening News and then the London Evening Standard, despite their many foibles. During two years in Cambodia I would devour the Cambodia Daily and Phnom Penh Post, and more recently I got sucked into countless troll-filled debates in the Oxford Mail during nearly a decade under the dreaming spires. Since last summer my local news fix has come from the Ostsee Zeitung, strapline "Weil wir hier zu Hause sind" (Because we are at home here).

But sadly our dream of building a new life here on the Baltic coast didn't work out as hoped, so we have agreed that in July we will return home to Oxford. We plan to have two separate homes, but nearby so the children can be part of both households.

Hopefully with time we will remember good things about our experience here, and I am certainly hugely proud of how quickly the children adapted and become fluent in a second language. Happily they are super-excited to see their old buddies again, and whilst the idea of another move so soon is an additional, unwelcome stress, I too am greatly looking forward to re-connecting with lovely Oxford friends and places very soon. More to follow...

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