By OlyShipp

Play / Spielen

In the UK, our four year old son was mixed in with older kids at school during the early days of Covid, and seemed quite happy to start reading, writing, ‘rithmatic and so on.

What a contrast in Germany, where school doesn’t begin until age 6. Until then kids can go to ‘Kita’ (nursery) where they do what it says on this poster: play. That’s it, just play - except of course for the ‘Mittagsschlaf’ after lunch!

I have mixed views on this. I actually think he’s more than ready to learn some reading and maths, and whilst we give him a bit of this at home, I think he would like more mental stimulation during the day. On the other hand, what could be better than bombing about all day with your little buddies in a big, well-designed playground. And as the poster shows, we learn lots through play...

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