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By Jeanneb53

Walk to Larkhall

The village of Larkhall is just a walk down the hill so that’s where we headed this morning. We went via what Eda calls the ‘teeny tiny’ park. We had it to ourselves and the girls just had to come down the slide together. (Chris did it too but the less said about that the better!) Jude is looking a bit worried but they all came down fine and did it all over again.

Larkhall is a lovely village with lots of nice delis and eateries which will be nice to try when they reopen. I hadn’t realised but I have been here before as Grace performed in Sondhiem’s Company in the lovely little Rondo Theatre here.

After a bit of shopping for lunch we got a coffee and sat on a bench outside a lovely little gift shop called Leak in Larkhall Square. It was quite obvious what it’s previous life was by the shape of the building and the name is a clue. ( Well we have just got a bakery in our former village toilets!) The lady was very friendly so we had to take a look in. Lots of lovely things and Grace managed to get a bathroom basket/bin that was on her list for the second bathroom. We will certainly be going back. Lovely arty cards etc similar to those I’ve been accustomed to buying in the Glos Rd area of Bristol.

Of course when you walk down to somewhere you have to walk back up. A second visit to the little park was a carrot ( there is a bigger park - Alice Park - that we will visit another time) and then a bit of assistance was required for some - extra! 

After a very nice lunch we went to a nearby garden centre to make a few purchases so tomorrow it will be a case of gardening or box emptying. Chris is keen to get some things lopped in the garden though there has been some talk of going up Solsbury Hill!

Grace has got a few boxes emptied today and I’ve sorted some curtains and done a few sewing jobs but being with the girls is my main job!

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