By amandoAlentejo

Alex from Australia

Up early for the second part of an intensive course we've now completed. Going to have to watch one of the videos again, as had to get some lunch prep done in the middle, and couldn't concentrate...

Alex came from Lisbon - we ate on the patio, but then it got too hot, so we came inside (but with all windows and doors open) for coffee and drunk figs, extracted with a nifty little tool Mike got for Christmas from certain Blippers in Sweden. Lunch was some of the lamb that has been marinading in white wine, rosemary and garlic since it was killed and then spent the morning in the oven - gotta admit, it was superb. Thanks, Lamb, whose face I knew.

- understanding so much more about the LGBT+ community
- reading a Psalm and praying together with someone else
- a brisk walk down to the Lake with Mike, this place is spectacular at the moment

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