Here and Now

By Mole


I misposted yesterday’s collage on today’s date...another testament to my intense brain fog, although none was needed. So thanks for your (now deleted) comments and stars.

Going for a sleep study tonight. Hooray!  I found out this week from a doctor (who actually looked at my medical records - wow!) that in 2003 I was borderline for apnea and restless leg syndrome. I wasn’t told and no one suggested follow up. I haven’t slept well or much in years. The first available appointment was in June but I requested to be put on the cancellation list and was already called today.

So here’s a hitch in our white comforter that is colorized to accentuate it. Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting without a hitch. :)

And dear Rosie in the extras. She will turn 95 tomorrow and is still lively, loving, and funny, even after surviving Covid. I love her to pieces. xxx

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