... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Moss: Dancing Sporophytes

Better in large ("L"); I think it is too narrow to be seen in small...

Not much to say: it was a very damp and grey day, so I thought moss was rather apt... I always think that these moss sporophytes look like they're dancing above the lower gametophyte generation of the moss lifecycle (the gametophyte is the dominant generation of the moss lifecycle: it is the furry/leafy felt-like moss that is present throughout the year). The sporophyte is the short-lived stalk and capsule that is seen here emerging from the gametophyte (on which it is dependent).

I've had a very good coffee day: I met a friend for lunch at Store Street Espresso, and had a very smooth and mild flat white (their coffee is very nice, but I tend to prefer a more complex blend), and then returned to Balham (via Clapham South, so that I could walk back down the side roads to find my moss shot on a front garden wall...) and had a superb cappuccino at Camden Coffee House. CCH's blend is unusually interesting and complex: it is a blend of El Salvadorian and Guatemalan beans (if I remember correctly... The Guatemalan might be Sumatran: it is something dark and rich to balance the lighter and brighter El Salvador coffee) and they make a wonderful strong cappuccino with a soupçon of cocoa added before the milk so that it spreads around the edge rather than melting on top of the milk. I usually opt for no chocolate on my cappuccino, but it is done very well at Camden Coffee.

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