The First Mayapples

My husband and I have been continuing to do some work on the most recent big tree that fell. I bought a long set of loppers, and my husband, with the help of a ladder, is tall enough to do a lot of trimming of branches. We will eventually get some professionals in to handle the rest, as we do not own a chainsaw, nor have knowledge or experience of how to use one.

We spent four hours on the clean-up task earlier this week. As I was dragging branches to a big brush pile I've been creating (yes, if you own a property with trees, you'll play a lot of pick-up sticks!), I noticed some little greenies on the ground. It's the first mayapples, coming up! For the record, I have seen them called both mayapples and may apples. Eventually, they will grow white flowers that turn into hard, little, green apples.

So I went back out with my camera to photograph them on this day. Here are two healthy green specimens. If you look closely at the one in front, you can see its mini-me! That tiny thing at the bottom of the plant is a new leaf getting ready to unfurl, but at this phase, I thought it looked like a brussels sprout! Hello, little sprout!   :-)

The song for this posting has to be this one: B.J. Thomas, with Little Green Apples.

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