By dunkyc

Twiggy said...

“I want your life! You look like you haven’t got a care in the world and you’re always so chilled out!”

Fortunately, gentle reader, you and I know the truth…

Twiggy is a friend, a founder member of the 5at5 crew (5 beers at 5pm on a Saturday night) and unlike his namesake, he is a hairy-arsed plumber who knows EVERYONE in town. He’s a good man with a great sense of humour and he’s helped me out a couple of times with plumbing emergencies and as far as I’m concerned, once a man has had his hand around your u-bend, you’re connected for life.

As a professional worrier, I found his perception of me fascinating, totally incorrect, but fascinating that that was what he saw in me as I walked back from the school drop off. It put me in mind of the duck calmly drifting over the pond, whilst paddling like the clappers underneath, but I guess that most of us would probably say the same thing.

Conversely, I was able to find time to sit and chill out with my favourite beer and read my favourite movie magazine whilst dinner was cooking earlier, so maybe Twiggy wasn’t too far off the mark?

As an aside, and speaking as a heterosexual man, I am entirely comfortable stating that I would turn for Tom Hiddleston.

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