By dunkyc

Shadow of my current self

It’s been a challenging week as the workload and the level of complexity steadily builds.

I’m enjoying it and am constantly surprised to find that I know a little bit more about my vocation than I thought I knew. By dint of redundancies and retirement, I am now one of the more experience heads in our business. If that doesn’t herald our demise, I don’t know what does?!!

Had to comfort a colleague this week as she’d inadvertently revealed to someone (via a nice, “we’ll miss you” message) that they were being made redundant. Despite us being told otherwise, that person hadn’t been officially informed at that point. M’colleague was absolutely devastated, the poor thing – totally not her fault obviously – but the patented dunkyc go for a long walk with some relaxing tunes in your ears, seemed to do the trick and she bounced back.

Also bouncing back into my day were The Offspring. The Eldest seeing Tom Hiddleston on the cover of Empire, promptly took up the magazine and began pointing out to The Youngest the wonders of T-Hiddy. M’boy looked on bemused and continued giving me car facts from his Top Gear magazine whilst I prepared dinner.

Still no sign of Matilda’s tooth. Genuinely starting to suspect that the tooth fairy is real…

It has been a while since we’ve all been under my roof at the same time and I took a moment to savour the sight of them all curled up on the sofa, content to be in each other’s company. That’s the good stuff, right there.

I have used the image of yours truly silhouetted because the children told me I had to.

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