By seizetheday

Playing in the 'yard

Richard and Helen, aka the Greycatz, came over this morning, to pick up some oil that MrM had offered Richard. They brought instruments with them, and after socially distanced refreshments, there was music! It was very pleasant in the 'yard to start with, but as the sun moved round it was decidedly cool in the shade. Richard's not being anti-social, playing with his back towards us - he's just trying to keep his hands in the sun! The first time for well over a year that MrM has played music with anyone else for real! They were all in agreement that it was much less stressful than playing in Zoom music sessions.

A walk with MrM early this evening, along the Earle road and across the fields over to the Pin Well. The gorse in the valley is in full bloom and quite spectacular.

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