Fallow Deer

Have had a real delinquent day First part I finished a great book I was reading .Kristin Hannah's "The four Winds"  She really is a superb writer, her descriptive language makes you feel you are living the story. It was written about the 1930's depression and drought in Texas and Oklahoma and the hardships of the exodus of people into California. THE OTHER ONE OF HER BOOKS i HAVE READ IS :"The great alone" about the hardships of living in Alaska. 
After I finished my book I went for a lovely walk around the deer farm down at the back of the park. Its a posh housing development built around the deer farm   They are Fallow deer and there is a ha ha wall built in front of the houses .  Built of massive rocks the wall separates te deer from the houses
I am now going to stay up half the night to watch the Duke of Edinburgh's  funeral.  Starts 11.30pm our time

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