I Witness

By KangaZu

Squirrel Blip Friday ....

... not!

Today was rather overcast and dreary ... not much sunshine.  I only spent a short time on the deck early this morning for my SquirrelsEtc Squirrel Blip Friday photos.  It was cold and windy ... so different from Wednesday. 

It wasn't a great day for photography ... I feel I've said that a lot lately! So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this male American Goldfinch outside the front window.  I was able to crack the window open a smidge and get a few photos of him.  Full disclosure ... this is actually the same goldfinch. I wanted to show off his beautiful Summer yellow (front and back)  so I layered two pictures together.  It's not a perfect layering but it'll have to do.  Some of the goldfinches migrate out of the area for winter but the ones that stay lose their gorgeous yellow coloring until Spring.  I love watching the change during this time of year.  

I haven't seen any dark-eyed juncos since Wednesday so I think they have migrated out of our area until the Autumn.  I will miss them but now I can look forward to the Catbirds and Hummingbirds returning.  I've already seen some chipping sparrows and song sparrows ... which are summer birds here. 

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