By Viewpoint

On the scrap heap

Seen on my walk today.  I wanted to walk up by the Garages along Pog Lane this morning as I thought I might find a few interesting subjects to try out with my Artisan lens.  I didn’t expect to see these plaster sculptures.  Two were out on the scrap heap, but there were more in the garden.  I need to find out some more.  A lovely morning for a walk and I got all the way up to Mill Moor.  Up and down Which I reckon is around 2 miles.  Downhill was much harder and my ankle was quite sore, but it seems to have settled down again now, thank goodness.   The RPS Contemporary Group meeting this afternoon and I did my short presentation on my double lockdown project  (while I was in plaster) on plastic and my experiments on how to photograph the subject creatively, for which I got some very positive feedback.

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