West Kirby 1 FC Bootle St Edmund's 0

My first football match of 2021. Although crowds are not permitted at games on private land it is possible to attend matches on public playing fields where you don't have to pay to get in. This match was in the West Cheshire League Division 2 which I reckon is Step 12 of the non-league pyramid. I wouldn't normally go to a game this low down but I really fancied watching some football and taking my camera.

In fairness it was an enjoyable match between the teams in 3rd and 1st place. I'm sure I read somewhere that Bootle hadn't been beaten for 2 years so it was a terrific result for West Kirby.

A bit of a different photo football. I thought the referee was excellent and handled the game extremely well considering that the linesmen were just team officials from both sides who were worse than useless. Here she is giving the Bootle captain a good talking to.

The extra shows the only goal of the game.


Lands End to John O'Groats 1000 Mile Virtual Challenge Update

Day 68 -  Wiltshire. 4.4 miles walked. 266.9 miles completed

I reached the southern outskirts of Warminster today so I went to the Bell & Crown for a virtual pint of Wessex Warminster Warrior to have with my virtual breaded haddock, fries and mushy peas.

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